Scream for Me Sarajevo (2017)

IMDB: 9,0/10 ,Total viewed: 0
In 1994 Sarajevo was a city under siege. Mortars and rocket propelled grenades rained onto the city, killing indiscriminately, ever day. Amongst the madness, two United Nations personnel: a British military officer and another Brit working for the UN Fire Department, decided it would be fun to persuade a global rock star, Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, to come and play a gig to the population. Scream for Me Sarajevo brings that story, in all its madness, to the big screen. A story of musicians who risked their lives to play a gig to people who risked their lives to live them.
GenresDocumentary, Music, War
Release Year2017
Duration95 min
DirectorTarik Hodzic
ActorsBruce Dickinson, Alen Ajanovic, Esad Bratovic, Alex Elena
ProductionPrime Time

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