Sami Blood (2016)

IMDB: 7.4/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Elle Marja, 14, is a reindeer-breeding Sámi girl. Exposed to the racism of the 1930's and race biology examinations at her boarding school, she starts dreaming of another life. To achieve this other life, she has to become someone else and break all ties with her family and culture.
CountryDenmark, Norway, Sweden
Release Year2016
Duration110 min
DirectorAmanda Kernell
ActorsLene Cecilia Sparrok, Mia Erika Sparrok, Maj-Doris Rimpi, Julius Fleischanderl, Olle Sarri, Hanna Alström, Malin Crépin, Andreas Kundler, Ylva Gustafsson, Anders Berg, Katarina Blind, Emilia Bostedt, Beata Cavallin, Mimmi Kandler, Tom Kappfjell
ProductionBautafilm, Det Danske Filminstitut, Digipilot

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