Guardians of the Tomb (2018)

IMDB: 5.3/10 ,Total viewed: 0
An innocent discovery of a well-preserved mummified Emperor from 200 BC China unearths a 2000 year old nightmare - a secret that should have remained buried.
GenresAction, Adventure
CountryAustralia, China, Russia, Thailand
Release Year2018
Duration90 min
DirectorKimble Rendall
ActorsKelsey Grammer, Kellan Lutz, Bingbing Li, Yasmin Kassim, Stef Dawson, Ryan Johnson, Tim Draxl, Shane Jacobson, Chloe Guy, Christine Milo, Jason Chong, Chun Wu, Victoria Liu, Jip Panosot, Eva Liu
ProductionNest Holdings, Sleeping Otters Productions

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